In this Hestia tab, it tries to concentrate and facilitate the access and exploitation of all existing documents, reports, etc... that the professional may need at any time during the development of his task.
Currently, only the Socio-Educational Commitment document exists.

Create Socio-Educational Commitment report

To create a report, press the "Report" button on the same tab.

Then Hèstia will generate the window that contains several tabs that must be gradually filled in with all the necessary data.

At first, the professional will be able to register the generate tab and the one named "First".

The "Second", "Third", "Fifth" or "Measurements" tabs cannot be generated without first saving the report by clicking the "Save" button.

Once it has been saved, there is an option to export the report to a Microsoft Office Word format so that it can be extracted to a paper format.

Below is the information on the tabs contained in the socio-educational commitment report:

Consult the reports and access to modify a report

Through the "Reports" tab, the technical professional will be able to view and/or access the reports recorded in the file.

The list of registered resources is ordered, by default, starting from the last registered report, although this order can be changed at any time by clicking on the column header.

To access and/or edit a specific report, click on it.