In the " Users " section you will find a list of all registered and active professionals. In this list you can see the username Hèstia, the name and surname of the professional and all the roles and teams assigned to it within the program.

You can also check which users are no longer active by clicking on the "Show unsubscribed users" box. These users no longer have access to the application, but their data is retained so that it can be used as a reference in the files, personal files and any other information linked to the user account.

To create new user accounts you must have the role of Administrator (professionals with other roles do not have access to this functionality of the program).

The reactivation of a deregistered user can be done by the coordinado r. press the corresponding "Reactivate" button. This operation restores user access. The username disappears from the list of unsubscribed users, moving to the list of active users.

hestia 1


reactivate 2

A user can unsubscribe from the coordinator. This operation will block the user's access to the Basic Area immediately. Please note that if the user has associated personal files or files, a message will appear stating that cancellation is not possible if the files, files or appointments are not transferred to another professional (no personal file can be left, nor file, without reference professional in the system). The files of people in a "successful" state and closed files are not transferred by default in the standard transfer, you must select the specific option available "Transfer closed files and successful files". Once these items have been transferred, a user can be deregistered.



Modification of user data can be handled by the coordinator . They can do the following:

1.Account :

User : The name of the program user.

Name and Surname of the professional.

NIF of the professional: before it was not obligatory, but if it is informed and it is wanted to modify the role of the professional at present, it will not be possible.

Alias : code name to identify the user in some listings that are public but in which you do not want the professional's name to appear.

e-Mail : Professional email address.

Within the "account" tab you can assign Roles: level of access to data that if granted to the professional.

2. Permits:

Equipment : equipment of which the professional is a part. The coordinator can add teams that are already created. Team registration is restricted to the role of administrator

Sectors : Shows the sectors to which the professional has access according to the teams to which he belongs.

Personal data:

Contact details : telephone number, address, etc.

Level of training : completed studies.

Account number: bank account of the professional.

Contracts: allows you to enter the periods and hours of hiring family workers in the entities that use the SADGestió function.

Hours: professional stays by sector. Please note that the existence of a schedule in the profile of the professional will prevail over any other schedule.