Action that is carried out if the study and assessment carried out by the social services, or for the EAIA, shows that the situation of the child or adolescent is normalized, and that, therefore, it is not in situation of risk of destitution or social risk, the file will be archived and communicated to the parents, guardians or custodians and to the sender.

Close the file

To close a file you only need to click on the "Close" button shown in the following image:

To close a file, you must indicate the reason for the closure by choosing from the existing options in the detachable Reason for Closure, and then press the "Accept" button to confirm the closure.

The closure of the file is reflected both on the cover of the file and on the Evolution tab of the same file.

Despite having closed the file, while it is closed, actions can be carried out, such as advice, which will be taken into account at a statistical level.
The state of closed can be assimilated to the state of High, taking into account that the closure also participates at the statistical level.

To reopen the file, click on the "Reopen exp." button, which is in the same space that was previously occupied by the "Close" button.