The aim of the "Summary view" is to provide at a glance to the professionals who monitor the SSB file, the essential information to make a quick composition of the core of coexistence and its support .

The summary view shows:

  • The information relating to the active persons of the SSB file
  • The last 5 diagnoses : if they are the result of the screening done with the tools included in Hestia, or comparative between them, only the last of each type of diagnosis is shown. In the case of "Hèstia Problems" it shows all the current ones up to the maximum 5 elements established
  • The last 2 Intervention Plans
  • The last 5 resources granted and in force
  • The last 5 procedures managed
  • The last 5 manual actions recorded by an intervention professional (actions that are automatically registered when generating a resource or a procedure are discarded and that are counted as "manual" in the case of reports in which professional performances are counted)
  • The data on the " Housing " tab if it contains information
  • The data on the " Genogram " tab if it contains an image

All sections of the view can be closed using the red cross in the upper right margin: this option only affects the current view; if the "Summary View" of the same file is generated again, all the initial options will be shown again.

Printable version (PDF) of the SUMMARY VIEW

The resulting document has the "Summary view" watermark on all pages to remind you that this is an internal working document for professionals, not valid for any other purpose, since the information that it contains may be partial.

In the version in PDF format that can be generated in the "Summary view" of the file , all the objects contained in each of the categories described are shown ; that is to say, the limit number of 5 elements disappears and they show, for example, each and every one of the actions that have been carried out with this coexistence unit, all the diagnoses, resources, procedures...

In the case of having closed one of the sections of the summary view, its PDF version will maintain this omission of data; in order to regenerate a complete version with all the data, just close the current version of the “Summary View” and regenerate it.