If you need the data that the ABSS Social Services team has recorded in Hestia, you should take into account that there are several options that allow access to the information of its users anytime, anywhere , both at the statistical level and in the details of the data:

At a statistical level

  • If what you want is statistical data, you have the standard Power BI dashboard, “ BI Statistics ” option in the Exploitation module. This option allows you to see the data of all the ABSS users of Hestia, not just your own, in reports designed by the AOC, being able to apply temporal filters and by geographical area and etc.
    • If you want to propose new reports to improve the existing ones, send us your proposal and from the AOC we will implement it for all ABSS.
    • The Hestia BI data update frequency is weekly.
  • If you have a Power BI license, you can ask us to exploit the information from your ABSS Hèstia with ad hoc reports.
  • If requested, Hestia's statistical data can be accessed and exploited through our open data portal with restricted access and connection via API.

At the detail level of the data

  • L'Hèstia has in the Exploitation module a wide set of internal reports that allows the data to be extracted in a structured Microsoft Excel format. These lists are updated according to the needs that appear in the ABSS, with options such as, for example, the latest list of active people with an open SSB file, which offers detailed information about the people (dependency, disability, home address ,...) and their files
  • There are several web services that allow you to consult or extract all the necessary relevant data, both from the people and from the SSB files, appointments from the Agenda module, etc. All documentation can be consulted on the AOC's integrator support portal

On the other hand, the Hèstia service is regulated by means of Service Provision Conditions which, among the features described, do not include any option to extract registration data, except in the case of definitive cancellation of the provision of the service.

The AOC reminds the bodies of the importance of complying with the National Security Scheme (ENS) regarding the protection of High Level data, as is the case.