This space has several functions, all of them related to the housing of the cohabitation unit, collecting various information that can be useful to have in order to assess certain aspects of the situation of the people who are part of the coexistence nucleus.

The tab is divided into 3 parts, they are:

  • Housing data: information fields about housing in the center (address, municipality, type of construction, tenure regime,...)

  • Conditions of the home: space intended to collect the characteristics, shortcomings of the home or other aspects to take into account about it. In relation to the shortages section, it should be clarified that depending on the check box that is selected, the shortage of this supply or material will be reported - light, lift, telephone, heating,...-, and/or at the same time, other situations that can be observed in the house that can make habitability difficult, - humidity, cracks, ... - .

  • Buttons to move and save the registered information: the data related to the first part (identifiers of the home) can be moved to the "Address" tab of the personal files of some or all of the people linked to the file in through the update button “Act. Address".

Once the information relating to the home has been added, or each time the professional updates this information, before going to any other section of Hestia, you must save the data by pressing the "Save" button.