The password is unique to each professional user of the application, and can be changed in the following situations:

  • Whenever the user wishes
  • When you first access the app
  • When the application informs us that the password has expired. This automatic procedure is activated every 90 days

In these cases, if you want to change the password, click on "Change password" on the login screen, or press the "Accept" button, in case the program gives the expired password warning.

The window will then open so that you can change your password. To make the change you will need to fill in the following information:

  • Username : User login credentials.
  • Old Password : The password that was valid until the time of the change, or the password that was provided to you if you forgot it, and if you access it for the first time, the initial password provided by your system administrators
  • New password: password that you want to use from now on, which will be personal and non-transferable and must meet ALL the minimum requirements mentioned in the password change form
  • Confirm new : Enter the new password again to confirm that it was entered correctly
  • View passwords : Check this box to see the text in the password fields, which by default only show asterisks

The requirements to be met by passwords are in accordance with Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, approving the Regulations for the Development of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Character Data. Staff. The program prevents you from changing your password if any of the minimum requirements are not met.

If the program gives an expired password error. What should you do?

On the home screen, use the " Change Password " button to update it. You will need to enter your username, old password and the one you wish to use from now on, which must meet the minimum requirements specified on the same screen of the program.

If you have been absent for a season and can't remember your password , you must choose the "Forgot your password" option, which will send you a temporary access code to your email specified in Hostia, in order to be able to use it. change on first access. This code expires after a few minutes for security reasons. If it has expired, you must request it again (maximum 3 attempts before blocking the user).