Procedures Management allows you to add new procedures, modify existing ones, unsubscribe obsolete or retrieve unsubscribed ones. It also allows you to modify and manage the generic templates of each of the ABSS, which are:

  • Consent to use of personal data
  • Calendar Appointment Reminder (modifiable at the subsector level)
  • Agenda Appointment Receipt (modifiable at subsector level)
  • Office Appointment

Hestia is able to automatically fill in some of the data in these forms. It should be noted that new procedures that do not have an associated form can also be added.

Some procedures are associated with a Microsoft Word document that is used as a basis for later generation of custom forms. Specifically, the format must be “ Word Template 97-2003 (* .dot) ”. When designing the document associated with the procedure, markers can be entered to indicate to the Host the data that we want to be filled in automatically from the personal file of the person to whom the procedure is carried out. You will need to create as many bookmarks as you want to fill in fields automatically from Hestia.

Bookmarks are a feature of Microsoft Word that allows you to mark an area of the document for later insertion or retrieval of information. Bookmarks in a document are invisible if the bookmarks feature is not enabled. Once this option is enabled in the document, the markers are displayed as a pair of square brackets at the beginning and end of the marked area. These brackets do not print, only appear on the screen.

Hestia will replace each marker with the data it obtains from the application. In order to do this, the bookmarks must have a specific name that is detailed in the Hestia bookmark table .

Hestia can incorporate two types of data into the document:

  • Insert text data bookmarks (names, addresses, dates, numbers,…)
  • Insert bookmarks that are shown as checkboxes ( ), as a mark indicating whether a condition is met or not

Add, modify, delete and retrieve procedures

You can add, modify, delete and retrieve deleted procedures using a utility provided by the program. This utility is visible to all professionals with a coordinator profile. To access this functionality, click on the "Procedures" button and a screen will appear directly from which you can manage your own procedures.

To add a procedure to the program, you must enter the following information:

  • Document: You need to select the Word document that will be used as a template to generate the forms. For compatibility it must be a Word document saved in the format “Word Template 97-2003 (* .dot)”
  • Title: You must enter the title with which the procedure will appear in the application.
  • Scope: You must select the scope of the procedure.
  • Category: Select the procedure category. If you select "Personal file", the procedure can be carried out from the Personal file. If you choose "Primary care", the procedure can be carried out from within the primary care files. etc…

Optionally, it can be indicated that the procedure is associated with a resource that the ABSS or the Generalitat can offer to the applicant and that is the cause of generating the procedure. To indicate this, you must check the "Associate Resource" checkbox. Three drop-downs will appear where you can choose the resource you want to associate with the procedure

Once the data has been filled in, click on the "Add Procedure" button and the procedure will be added to the program and you will see a confirmation message.

From now on, you can use this procedure in the ABSS's own procedure catalog.